William Sheldon (the missing William)

Nothing is known at all about this William, we do not even know conclusively that he existed. He is mentioned, tentatively with a ?, by the Rev. Henry O. Sheldon in his original publication of The Sheldon Magazine in 1855. It seems that the reverend was trying to make sense of the various stories given to him by the Sheldon's that he met of their Sheldon origins as they knew it. He mixed this with the assumption that all of the colonial Sheldon's were related to each other closely. We now know through DNA analysis that this was not the case.

In the Rev. original assessment he believed that this William may have been the third of three brothers that first came to the new world from England, the other two being John and Isaac. He then lists William as the father of John 13, aka as John of South Kingston but more correctly known as John of Narragansett (as South Kingston did not exist during this lifetime); and he also lists William as the father of William Sheldon of Salem, Massachusetts.

My current theory here is that he has erroneously split the single William of Salem into a father and son and that William of Salem may have actually been the brother of John of Narragansett. We also know through DNA analysis that Isaac was a close relative to John of Narragansett. So perhaps the three brothers were not the earlier mysterious Isaac 1, John 2, and William 3?? but were actually the next generation - Isaac 5, John 13, and William 14. And it may also be possible that the father of these three brothers was this missing William.

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