An alphabetical list of the various Sheldon's in our research:

Name Date Location Occupation Spouse
Sheldon, Cornelius 1836-? Birmingham, Warwickshire Watch Maker
Sheldon, Edwin G. 1845-? Birmingham, Warwickshire
Sheldon, Gideon 1776-1805 Willsboro, New York farmer Rhoda Gillet
Sheldon, Gideon 1804-aft1855 Essex County, NY Sarah Stafford
Sheldon, Isaac Massachusetts
Sheldon, Isaac 1686-1752 Kingstown, Rhode Island Susannah Potter
Sheldon, Isaac 1730-1813 Rhode Island and New York farmer Sarah Gifford
Sheldon, James c1801-c1846 Birmingham, Warwickshire Clock Maker Phoebe Jarvis
Sheldon, John c1630-bef1704 Narragansett Island, Rhode Island Farmer Sarah
Sheldon, John c1808-c1863 Birmingham, Warwickshire Case Manufacturer Rebecca Aldridge
Sheldon, Mercy 1834-? Birmingham, Warwickshire Silk Button Maker
Sheldon, Samuel 1714-? South Kingston, RI
Sheldon, Thomas 1709-1758 Dutchess Co, NY farmer
Sheldon, Thomas Lisbon, New York Parethan Davis
Sheldon, Wallace George 1899-1984 California Private Security Elsie May Ross; Claire Hester
Sheldon, William ?1600 New England ?
Sheldon, William Wallace Barbour 1836-1915 California Builder Mary Campbell
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