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Family Fact Files of Thomas Sheldon (FTM: 10232)

  • Father: Thomas Sheldon
    • FTM: 10232
    • Christening: 10 Feb 1799 in Tipton, St Martin
    • Marriage date: 25 July 1825 in Sedgley, Staffs
    • Family No: A0489
  • Mother: Elizabeth Timmings
    • FTM: 10233
    • Christening: abt 1800 in Tipton


  1. William - christening 10 Feb 1826 in Tipton, FTM 11088
  2. Isaiah - christening 20 Apr 1828 in Tipton, FTM 10890
  3. David (T002) - christening 31 Oct 1830 in Tipton, FTM 10127
  4. Thomas - christening 15 Jan 1832 in Tipton, FTM 10234
  5. Sarah - christening 14 July 1833 in Tipton, FTM 11087
  6. Ann - christening 04 Oct 1835 in Tipton, FTM 10891
  7. Betsey - christening abt 1837 in Tipton, FTM 10892
  8. Emma - christening abt 1839 in Tipton, FTM 11836


Thomas SHELDON was born February 10, 1799 in Tipton, Staffs. He married Elizabeth TIMMINGS July 25, 1825 in Sedgley, Staffs. She was born Abt. 1800 in Tipton.

Down as a relative of Francis Sheldon in the IGI. I have good evidence that this is the father of David Sheldon in our line. On his son David Sheldon's birth certificate which I have examined at Stafford CRO (No 163 for 1830 in Tipton St. Martin in fiche F 3949/1/10) it gives Thomas's occupation as Puddler, and address as Sedgley.

Certificate examined at Stafford Record Office where they have the registers for Sedgley. The marriage had Banns called, neither groom or bride were able to sign their name. Witnesses were Joseph Gallop and ? Newton. Thomas was a batchelor, and Elizabeth a spinster, both said to be of this parish - although Thomas was probably born in Tipton. (At this point I am not yet sure). No ages appear on the certificate, so I need to find some census data or other evidence of ages to guide to birth details.

Thomas and Elizabeth Sheldon had their children in Tipton, details taken from the Tipton register. All children's details checked in the parish register. For each child the parents abode was given as Sedgley, and father's occupation as Puddler.
All birth certificate data verified by examination of fiches of original registers at Stafford Record Office. All the children appear to have been christened at Tipton, St. Martin. Baptisms fiche for 1824 - 1830 No. F 3949/1/9 and for 1830-1837 No. F 3949/1/10 have both been examined and all Sheldons extracted.

Although the parents of David are Thomas and Elizabeth, there were other such couples around, but they are distinguishable.
1 Thomas and Elizabeth - where Thomas occupation is Puddler, address is either Sedgley or Princes End. This is this couple.
2 Thomas and Elizabeth - where Thomas occupation is Miner, address is West Brom.
3 Thomas and Elizabeth - where Thomas occupation is Miner, address is Sheep Wash Lane
Princes End is almost certainly a road or district in Sedgley
I suspect that Nos 2 and 3 are the same. I will check whether Sheep Wash Lane is in West Brom.
The only suitable parents for Thomas in Tipton I could find were John and Ann Sheldon of Tipton, giving Thomas a birth date of 10 Feb 1799. The only other possible Thomas in the Tipton register are -
1 Thomas, base son (Illegitimate) of Mary Sheldon, bapt 26 Oct 1801 at Tipton
2 Thomas, son of Mary Sheldon (also illigitemate?) bapt 17 June 1798 at Tipton
3 Thomas, son of Daniel and Rosanna Sheldon, bapt at Tipton 1 April 1804 when about 2 years old.
No 3 is another strong possibility as parents of our Thomas
Of course Thomas may not have been born and christened in Tipton, but in one of the neighbouring parishes - there are many possible Thomas's at this time.

In the 1841 census it appears that their son William is the head of the household (aged 15), which perhaps indicates that both Thomas and Elizabeth are dead at this time. There is a new child Emma who is 2 yrs in 1841 - perhaps Elizabeth died soon after childbirth and the Morris family took in the remaining children. Thomas must also have died around the same time.

In the 1841 census there is no record of Isaiah, Thomas, Sarah or Betsy. The early 1830's saw a huge death rate from cholera.

More About Thomas SHELDON:
Christening: February 10, 1799, Tipton, St Martin
Occupation: Pudler in iron - forgeman

Notes for Elizabeth TIMMINGS:
Said to be a "sotp" at marriage.
In the 1835 Pigot's commercial directory there is a Richard Timmings in High Street, Dudley whose occupation is a Brazier and tin plate worker and Ironmonger.

Marriage Notes for Thomas SHELDON and Elizabeth TIMMINGS:
Certificate examined at Stafford Record Office. Marriages register for Sedgley All Saints 1820-1831 fiche No. F 3949/1/17. Marriage: July 25, 1825, Sedgley, Staffs

Children of Thomas SHELDON and Elizabeth TIMMINGS are:

William SHELDON: b. February 10, 1826, Tipton, Staffs
Birth certificate examined at Stafford CRO, father Puddler, abode Sedgley. Christening: February 10, 1826, Tipton, St Martin, No 1075 in fiche F3949/1/9

Isaiah SHELDON: b. April 20, 1828, Tipton, Staffs; d. Unknown.
Birth certificate examined at Stafford CRO, father Puddler, abode Princes End. Christening: April 20, 1828, Tipton, St Martin, No 2494 in fiche F3949/1/9

David SHELDON, b. October 31, 1830, Tipton; d. Unknown.

Thomas SHELDON: b. January 15, 1832, Tipton; d. Unknown
In the Tipton parish register his birth date is given as Jan 15th 1831, which is correct? Christening: January 15, 1832, Tipton, Staffs

Sarah SHELDON, b. July 14, 1833, Tipton, Staffs.
Birth certificate examined at Stafford CRO, father Puddler, abode Sedgley. Christening: July 14, 1833, Tipton, St Martin, No 1559 in fiche F3949/1/10

Ann SHELDON, b. October 4, 1835, Tipton; d. Unknown.
Birth certificate examined at Stafford CRO, father Puddler, abode Sedgley. Christening: October 4, 1835, Tipton, St Martin, No 2858 in fiche F3949/1/10

Betsey SHELDON, b. Abt. 1837, Tipton; d. Unknown.

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