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The Staffordshire Advertiser

Examined in the British Library (Newspapers at Colindale) in Nov 2000. They have microfilm or the actual paper for 1795 to 1840 (with a few exceptions). All of these examined by me (Dr Mike Sheldon 10001), following the index to Sheldon’s as discussed below.

The following index to Sheldon’s (I’m not sure who produced it – probably the William Salt Library in Stafford) only covers the marriages and deaths column in this weekly newspaper (published on Saturdays in Stafford). I did discover a story about a Sheldon, which is included below, but this was found by chance. To go right through the paper to look for all stories about Sheldon’s would take a lifetime.

Extracts as follows in date order – quoted as printed.

11 July 1795
“Thursday last, was married Mr. Richard Roe of Derby, to Miss Sheldon of Nottingham”

3 Nov 1798
“Wednesday morning died, Mr John Sheldon at Wolverhampton”

12 June 1802
DIED – “Last week, at West Bromwich, aged 102, Mr John Sheldon, leaving a numerous progeny. He had 9 children, 51 grand-children, 95 great grand-children, and 5 children of the fourth generation. He retained his faculties until the last”

13 Oct 1804
MARRIED – “At Newington, Surrey, George Sheldon Esq. Of the 4th Battalion of Reserve, to Miss Wooley, late of Congleton, Cheshire.”

31 March 1810
MARRIED – “ Mr J. Williams to Miss Sheldon, both of Tipton in this county”

29 June 1811
MARRIED – “Lately, by the Rev R. Bentley. Monsieur Jean Baptiste Bonnet de Lisle, native of Richelieu in France, and a prisoner of war on parole at Leek in this county, to Miss Harriet Sheldon, of that town”

11 Nov 1815
MARRIED – “At Burslem, by the Rev. J. Salt on Tues. 7th inst. Mt Thomas Sheldon. Earthenware manufacturer, Burslem, to Miss Gallimore, daughter of Mr Jesse Gallimore, of the Queens Head Tavern, Burslem aforesaid”

20 Sept 1823
MARRIED – “On Monday last, at Astbury, by the Rev. J. Heptinstall, Mr Mark Barlow of Congleton, to Mrs Mary Allcock of Sandbach, - also Mr Thomas Sheldon of Congleton, grocer, to Miss Ruth Barlow, of the same place”

19 June 1824
DEATH – “a short time ago, at Chesterton, aged 30, Mr. Thos. Sheldon.”

7 Jan 1826
DIED – “Lately at Sheldon, Warwks, age 55, Miss Mary Sheldan (sic) The following munificient bequests to charities in Birmingham have been made by this Lady. 1000l to the Hospital, 1000l to the Dispensary, 1000l to the Blue School, 1000l to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and the interest of 1000l for ten poor women who attend the regular worship of Church” (Each sum is 1000 l which is either shillings or pounds – I need to check).

5 Aug 1826
MARRIED – “On Thursday at Walsall, Mr John Sheldon, to Miss Eyland, daughter of Mr M. Eyland or Rushall St. Walsall.

Also - “on the 23rd ult at Astbury, Mr Ralph Foden, grocer, to Miss Mary Sheldon, both of Congleton”

23 Jan 1830
DIED – “On Sat last at Bridgenorth, Mrs Sheldon, wife of Mr Sheldon, comedian”

20 March 1830
DIED – “On the 13th inst Mrs Sheldon, wife of Mr John Sheldon, of the Red Lion Public House, Park St. Walsall.”

10 July 1830
Index says that there should be an entry of the marriage of Margaretta Sheldon, but this copy missing from the file at Colindale. It carried the news of the death of King George 4th.

26 Feb 1831
DIED – “On Monday 14th inst at Burslem, in the 74th year of her age, Ellen, widow of the late Ralph Sheldon. She was one of the very few left of the Bagnalls, a family whose residence has been at the Grange, in the neighbourhood of Burslem, during many generations”

4 Aug 1832
DIED – “ On Wed last, at Walsall, after a severe illness, Mr John Sheldon, late of the Red Lion Inn, Park St., in that borough, aged 69”

15 Sept 1832
MARRIED – “On Thursday last, at Walsall, by Rev. John Baron, Mr Moses Eyland of Windmill Villa, to Mrs. Ann Sheldon of Walsall”

Also in the same paper – a report about the effect of CHOLERA on Tipton. From the 2nd to 8th inst there were 79 new cases and 17 deaths. Total from commencement 960 new cases and 265 deaths. Shops are closed, Churches and Chapels are crowded. (This is a synopsis of the report of the cholera epidemic which was raging at this time).

29 March 1834
MARRIED – “On the 20th inst at St Michael’s Church. Litchfield, Mr Wm. Edward Sheldon. Of Longdon, to Charlotte, youngest daughter of Mr George Gilbert, of the former place.”

18 April 1835
MARRIED – “On the 4th inst. At St. Michael’s, Litchfield, by the Rev. J.W. Parr, Mr John Sheldon, parish clerk of Walsall, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr Jospeh Nevill, of Sandfield Cottage, near Litchfield.”

29 Aug 1835
DIED – “On Thursday last, in the prime of life, Mr James Sheldon, or the Royal Oak Inn, Ablewell St. Walsall.”

21 Nov 1835
MARRIED – “On Thursday, the 5th inst, at Elton by the Rev. J. Garratt, Mr Richard Sheldon of Gratton, Derbyshire, to Miss Meakin, of Mixon, in this county.”

21 Jan 1837
DIED – “On Sunday last, aged 34, after a short illness, Mr John Sheldon, several years parish clerk of Walsall.”

28 Jan 1837
Article on “The Influenza” which killed many people that winter. Said to be as many as in the cholera epidemic.

4 March 1837
Article on page 3 col. 4 – “Hanley and Sheldon Police. Ann Sheldon, a pauper, was fined 2 l for annoying Mr W. Emery, relieving officer of Stoke Parish. It appeared that the woman had been disappointed by not receiving her pay at the time she applied for it, and shewed her displeasure by following the officer a mile or two, and calling after him.”

16 Dec 1837
MARRIED – “On Thursday last, at Walsall, Mr. Thomas Sheldon, bit maker of Bloxwich, to Mrs Ann Jackson, widow of the late Mr William Jackson of Tatenhill, near Burton.”

8th Dec 1838
The index says there should be an entry of the death of Ann Raynsford Sheldon – but I could not find it in the deaths column.

6 July 1839
DIED – “June 27th, Paul Sheldon son of Mr. Thos Sheldon, Stone Cross, West Bromwich, age 17 years.”

15 Aug 1840
DIED – “On Sunday last, the 9th inst. At Burslem, Mrs Hannah Sheldon, age 72. She was a kind parent, and her removal is deeply regretted by her family and friends.”

17 Oct 1840
MARRIED – “On the 14th inst. At the parish church, Burslem, by the Rev. John Noble, Mr John Sheldon to Hannah, youngest daughter of Mrs Brougham, bookseller, Burslem.”

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