Work of Dr. Mike Sheldon - published resources

This page is part of an archive of the work of Dr. Mike Sheldon from his closed website.

Reference Title Author Publisher or Library
Barnard 1936 The Sheldons - being some account of the Sheldon family of Worcestershire and Warwickshire E. A. B. Barnard Cambridge University Press, 1936
BCA Bloom Sheldon documents deposited by Revd J. Harvey Bloom Birmingham City Archives (BCA). Full details of contents at
BCA Misc Sheldon Miscellanea deposited by E. A. Barnard Birmingham City Archives (BCA). Ref: Gift 5665 Sheldon Misc. NRA ref: NRA 32178 Barnard
BSP 1808 The Bigland Sheldon Pedigree Ralph Bigland Handwritten Sheldon pedigree produced in 1808 by Ralph Bigland, stores in Warwickshire County Record Office ref: HR/91
Harleian 1888 Sheldon of Beley and Spetchley The Visitation of Warcestershire 1569 Harleian Soc. Publications, 1888, vol 27 pp 127-130 (In BRL 929-08)
Minney The Sheldons of Beoley Minney The Recusant
Parkes 1915 A History of Tipton John Parkes Deposited in the Stourbridge Free Library by the author in 1915
Pearson 1989 St. Leonard's Church, Beoley Jim Pearson Private publication only obtainable at the Church. This is the second edition with changes to the Sheldon pedigree
Toke-Nichols 1944 A collection of Sheldon letters and a pedigree Deposited in the library of the Society of Genealogists (London) in 1944 by Mrs Toke-Nichols
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