Work of Dr. Mike Sheldon - Genealogical Resources

This page is part of an archive of the work of Dr. Mike Sheldon from his closed website.

United Kingdom - Genealogical Resources

  • Index to published resources: Plus other materials which are quoted on this web site concerning the Sheldon family history
  • The Staffordshire Advertiser: Entries of birth, marriages and deaths of Sheldons between 1795 and 1840
  • Abney Park Cemetery: Cemetery in North London with burials of Sheldons between 1853 and 1925
  • A history of Dudley Castle: The Sheldons had some links to the Castle, although none are mentioned in this article
  • Sheldon Manor: Manor house near Chippenham in Wilshire - nothing to do with our family history (as far as I know)
  • The Black Country: A brief description of the Black Country taken from the web site of that name - links on the links page
  • Sedgley 1834: The village and surroundings as described in White's Directory of Staffordshire for 1834
  • Sedgley 1851: A more detailed description of the village and surrounding hamlets in White's Directory of Staffordshire in 1851
  • The Bigland Sheldon Pedigree: (BSP) is often referred to in these pages. This handwritten document by Ralph Bigland of the College of Arms in London, is kept in the Warwickshire County Library
  • Sedgley Parish Registers: Parish Registers of Sedgley from 1558 to 1833 with entries from the IGI as well
  • Rowley Regis Registers: Parish registers at Rowley Regis from 1539-1812 with some of the IGI entries included.
  • Tipton Parish Registers: Tipton Parish Registers from 1599-1837 (but not complete) with IGI entries and other odd facts from census etc.
  • UK registered birth 1886-9: a list of all the Sheldon births registered in the UK for these years.
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