Work of Dr. Mike Sheldon - Family Trees

This page is part of an archive of the work of Dr. Mike Sheldon from his closed website. Sadly, I was not able to finish transcribing these before the site was taken down.

Index of Family Tree Pages (T numbers)

This index is in the T page number order of the Sheldons. It gives one way of accessing information about the Sheldon families. The first column (the T001) number gives the main page where their family details are stored. The next column is the person's unique FTM number (My personal Family Tree Maker database). The first family number is the person's birth family number, and the second is their married family number. Each spouse is listed with their corresponding numbers. The Date Born will usually indicate the date of Christening.

NOTE - no links to living individuals as they are private entries (less than 80 years old)

There is an explanation of the numbering systems used throughout this site on the Introductory page.

T# SHELDON FTM No: Born Birth Fam No. Marr Fam. No: SPOUSE FTM No: Spouse Fam.
T001 Abraham 11002 25 Dec 1768 A0474 A0476 Elizabeth PERKS 11008 N
T002 David 10127 31 Oct 1830 A0489 A0478 Ann Maria NEWTON 10128 N0010
T003 John 11186 27 Nov 1763 A0474 A0475 Ann TURNER 11187 N0008
T004 Thomas 10232 10 Feb 1799 A0475 A0489 Elizabeth Timmings 10232
T005 William 10027 23 Mar 1854 A0483 A0482 Mary Edith ADAMS 10028 N0015
T006 Albert Fosbrook 10023 26 Jan 1888 A0482 A0481 Clara JARVIS 10020 N0014
T007 David Thomas (a) 10043 19 Dec 1851 A0483 A0498 Mary Ann Forsbrook 10044
T008 Ralph 10694 abt 1350 A0101 ? ? 10695
T009 Maurice 10696 abt 1390 A0101 A0102 ? ? 10697
T010 Richard 10698 abt 1390 A0101 A0103 ? ? 10699
T011 John 10700 abt 1420 A0103 A0104 Mary ? 10701
T012 David Thomas (b) 10043 19 Dec 1851 A0483 A0105 Kisiah E. HALE 10494
T013 David Thomas (c) 10043 19 Dec 1851 A0483 A0106 Elizabeth HARGREAVES 11845
T014 Abraham 10998 A0474 Catherine ? 10999
T015 John 10706 A0102 A0107 ? COTTON 10707
T016 Ralph 10708 A0107 A0108 Joyce RUDING 10709
T017 William 10714 A0108 A0109 Joice ? 11847
T018 Daniel 11827 A0108 A0110 Eleanor GROVE 11848
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