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The Sheldons of Beoley in Warwickshire are one of the most researched branches of the family in the UK. This branch became very rich in the period of the reign of Elizabeth 1st and being Catholics were constantly in trouble, only just avoiding implication in the Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament and the King.

A full history has been written by E.A.B. Barnard and, in due course, I intend to have a full transcript on this site as the book is now out of print. There are many references to the family and numerous collections of documents in various libraries. These are described in the Genealogical Resources pages.

The most complete pedigree is the Bigland Pedigree of the Sheldons produced in 1808 by Ralph Bigland of the College of Arms. A full transcript is available here.

The early family tree of the Beoley Sheldons
All of the Sheldon pedigrees and histories begin with Ralph Sheldon of Rowley Regis (T008). He is variously known as Raffe or Raufe and in one or two of the trees he appears as Richard Sheldon. Whether he was Ralph or Richard he must have lived in Rowley around the end of the 14th century. Nothing else is known about him at this stage except that he had two sons - Maurice Sheldon (T009) spelled in a variety of ways, and Richard Sheldon (T010). This Richard had two children, John Sheldon (T011) and Maude Sheldon. Nothing further is known about this line.

Maurice had a son Jonh Sheldon (T015), born about 1420 and from this John came the Beoley line.

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