Original SheldonGenealogy.com website (2013-2018)

The page is archived from the work of Dr. Mike Sheldon on his website.

In May of 2018 I was contacted by Dr. Mike Sheldon regarding his website, Sheldongenealogy.com. This extensive website dedicated to Sheldon history and genealogy had been his personal project for several years, but the decision was made to shut it down, primarily due to time constraints. He offered to pass on the contents of the site to me.

In order to preserve all of his wonderful work and to ensure that he continues to be recognized for all that he has done, I am creating this archive of his site on the wiki. Due to formatting differences the look of the site will not be the same, but the text will be copied over exactly as written in the original.

The website starts with seven links in a bar along the top the drop down into sub-categories. They are as follows:

Note: the following links had no information to copy - Site Map, Site Search, all World-wide categories, Coat of Arms, Sheldon Variants, Articles & Books

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Below the links the following is written:

Welcome to the Sheldon Genealogy web site

This web site exists to facilitate research into the Sheldon Family History around the world. After some introductory pages which explain both how this web site works and also some background to the Sheldon name (and it's common variants such as Shelden and Scheldun), we divide the rest of the site into geographical regions.

Please note:

Most of the content of this web site is very parochial and limited to my own researches. There is very little information from other sources. I had hoped to build this into a world wide resource, but have not had the time to carry this out. Please recognise the limited usefulness of this site, and if someone else wishes to take it forward, please let me know. (Mike Sheldon, April 2013) . All access and resources are made avaliable free of charge, however if you have any contribution to make please don't hesitate to get in touch (omitting email address originally included here)

Go to the introductory page for a quick guide to this site

How you can contribute

As with all genealogical research it is important to verify any facts from as many alternate sources as possible. Much of the original information has to be researched at its source, or purchased from on-line resources and so is not available free on the internet. My aim is to provide as many free resources as possible, and then indicate where other information may be found.

We encourage all genuine Sheldon researchers to contribute their material to this site so that we may all benefit from each others efforts. We will not enter into any correspondence with informal enquirers, but if you are genuinely researching some part of the Sheldon family, and will contribute your own resources, then we can enter into a dialogue for mutual benefit.

Below the introduction was a link to The Sheldon Tapestries, with a photo.

To the right of the introduction is a portrait of Gilbert Sheldon.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License