Gideon Sheldon (1804-aft 1855)
Father Gideon Sheldon (1776-1805)
Mother Rhoda Gillet (1773-1868)
Vital Information
Born 1804 in Essex County, New York
Died after 1855 in est. New York
Spouse Sarah Ann Stafford (1809-1846)
Married c1828 in New York
1 son? Sheldon (born 1825), unconfirmed
2 Deborah Sheldon (born 1830)
3 Ruth Elizabeth Sheldon (1831-1909)
4 Nancy Sheldon (born 1832)
5 Joel Stafford Sheldon (1835-1870)
6 William Wallace Barbour Sheldon (1836-1915)
7 Cevedra Blake Sheldon (1840-1895)
8 Juliett Sheldon (1841-1867)

Gideon never knew his father who died when he was just an infant. His mother, Rhoda, remarried to Reuben Reynolds by the time he was five and Gideon was appointed a guardian, Skinner Newcomb at the same time to protect and manage his inheritance, his father's 100 acre estate in Willsborough, Essex, New York.



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