Gideon Sheldon (1776-1805)
Father Isaac Sheldon (1730-1813)
Mother unknown, one of the three wives of Isaac Sheldon
Vital Information
Born c1776 in Pawling, Dutchess, New York
Died Nov 1805 in Willsboro, Essex, New York
Spouse Rhoda Gillet (1773-1868)
Married c1798 in Essex County, New York
1 Deborah Ann Sheldon (1800-1827)
2 Hiram Sheldon (1802-1804)
3 Gideon Sheldon (1804-after 1855)

Gideon died at a very young age of only 29 years. His cause of death is unknown but it was not quick as he had time to write his Will and leave his estate to his two surviving children, having lost a two year old son the year before. He described himself as "being weak in body but of sound mind and memory", showing that he was ill of an unidentified ailment at the time of his death. A common fatal ailment at the time for young people was consumption, which we now refer to as tuberculosis. This may have also taken Hiram. He wrote his Will in the presence of several members of his family on August 12, 1805. He named his brother Benjamin and his brother-in-law Thomas Pray as Executors, while his father, brother Isaac Jr and brother Peleg were witnesses. His father and brother Peleg brought the Will and had it recorded with Surrogate of the Court on November 27th and it was proved on December 4th. His date of death is not recorded but was likely within days of the Will being recorded. He made provisions for his "beloved wife" and his children Deborah and Gideon including leaving a dowry for his wife and two thirds of his estate to his only son.



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