Cornelius Sheldon (1836-1891)

Cornelius was the son of James Sheldon, a clock maker in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, and Phoebe Jarvis. He was just ten years old when his fathered died, leaving the extremely large family of 15 children with their widowed mother. Some of the children were older and able to work, but his mother was listed as a pauper in the 1851 census while Cornelius was sent to work as an apprentice to William Holmes, a local pork butcher. He was listed himself as a butcher in the trade directories a couple of years later but it doesn't seem that the profession held him long. Cornelius eventually went back to his fathers profession and went down in the 1861 census, living again with his mother at the age of 25, as a watch maker. It doesn't look like he ever married and by 1891 he was a patient in the Birmingham workhouse infirmary, where he died shortly afterward, still listed as a watch maker.


Census Records

  1. 1841 Census: with his parents - All Saints, Birmingham, Warwickshire
  2. 1851 Census: apprentice to a pork butcher - Birmingham, Warwickshire
  3. 1861 Census: with mother - St. George, Birmingham, Warwickshire
  4. 1871 Census: single, at a coffee house in Islington, London
  5. 1891 Census: patient in the Birmingham workhouse infirmary

City Directories

  1. Birmingham, 1853: Sheldon, Cornelius, Church st (Trade Directory - Butchers)

Voter Registration

  1. England and Wales, Civil Registration Death Index: Died 3rd quarter of 1891 in Birmingham
  2. England and Wales, Non-Conformist Non-Parochial Registers: Born Mar 13, 1836 to James and Phoebe
  3. England, Select Births and Christenings: Born Mar 13, 1836 to James and Phoebe
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