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July 7, 1828

THE Business of GROVE HOUSE SCHOOL, conducted by Mr. R. SHELDON, will be resumed on Monday the 28th inst.

Grove House, Sand-pits Terrace, Birmingham

March 16, 1829

I, ANN SHELDON, do hereby caution all Clergymen from publishing Banns of Matrimony for my Daughter, MARY SHELDON, she being a minor.
No 4, Norfolk-street, March 7, 1829

December 3, 1832

ALL Persons having claims upon the Estate of Mr. JOHN SHELDON late of Walsall, deceased, are requested to deliver a statement thereof at the Office of Mr. J. Forster, Walsall, within one month from the date hereof; and all debtors to the same estate are requested to discharge their respective debts at the same place.

Walsall, Nov. 24 1832

February 22, 1836


On the 12th inst. Frederick, aged 4, and on the 14th, in his second year, Edward, sons of Mr. John Sheldon, of Lancaster-street.

On Saturday last, in his 69th year, Mr. John Sheldon, of Summer-hill.

May 30, 1836

DIED - ON Tuesday last, Ann, relict of the late Mr. John Sheldon, of Summer-hill.

November 12, 1838


LOST on Saturday afternoon, a SMALL POCKET BOOK, containing a Bill drawn by William Wood and Son, payable to Mr. John Sheldon; and also a L5 Note of a Lichfield Bank. Whoever will deliver the same to John Sheldon, 38, Lancaster-street, shall recieve the above reward.
N. B. Payment of the Bill and Note is stopped.

November 28, 1842


On Monday last, at St. Matthew's Church, Walsall, by the Rev. George Fisk, Vicar, Mr. Thomas Spurrier, of Wednesbury, to Mary, only daughter of James Sheldon, of the former place.

January 3, 1848

A daring robbery was committed on the premises of Mr. John Sheldon, gold and silver pencil-case maker, Great Hampton-street, during the night of Wednesday last. The property stolen consists of thirty-six ounces of silver tubes and scraps, thirty-eight dozen of German silver pencil-cases, seven dozen German silver snuff-boxes, and a great quantity of other finished and unfinished goods, of the value of 50L. A reward of 10L is offered for the apprehension of the offenders. Several impudent thefts were committed during the sitting of the County Court on Wednesday last. Two hats, a scarf, and a shawl, all of which were placed on the mantel-piece, were carried away.

April 9, 1849

Another inquest was held on the same evening [Sat evening Apr 7], at the Globe, in Great Hampton-street, on the body of a youth named John Peters. The deceased was eighteen years of age, lived with his father, who is a grinder, in Rushton-street, and worked for Mr. Sheldon, gilt-toy manufacturer, Great Hampton-street. On Friday morning he went to work, and was engaged cleaning some shelves, when he suddenly fell down and expired of an internal affection to which he had been previously subject - verdict, died by the visitation of God.

March 24, 1851

DIED - On Thursday last, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian meekness, Miss Elizabeth Sheldon, eldest daughter of Mr. John Sheldon, of 55, Great Hampton-street.

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