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August 10, 1826


On Thursday, at Walsall, Mr. John Sheldon, to Eleanor, second daughter of Mr. M. Eyland, of Rushall-street, in that place.

April 5, 1827

John Bolton, Reuben Powell, and John Sheldon, were charged with having stolen, at Birmingham, on the 9th of December last, thirty-five files, value 20s, and other articles, the property of Samuel Savage.

William Foxhall - I am a basket-maker, in Dale-end, Birmingham. I saw the prisoners on Saturday, the 9th December last, about a quarter before ten at night. They were all three in company in Dale-end. Bolton had a dirty-looking bag on his back. Sheldon had got something on his shoulder, wrapped up in an apron. Powell had nothing. I laid hold of Bolton and Powell, and asked them what they had got in that bag. Bolton slided it off his shoulder, and replied "nothing." A boy and a man came up. Freeth, the man, and the boy picked up the property. I took the two prisoners I had seized into my own house. I put the bag into the house; and told the prisoners I was afraid they had been robbing their masters, or some other person. Bolton said, he found the property in Banbury-street. I searched Bolton, and found on him a little iron crow-bar, concealed under his waistcoat. I found in his pocket a phosphorus box, full of matches. I found a pencil-case and three knives. He said, the phosphorus was bought that night. I took them all down to the prison together. Powell pulled from some part of his clothes a piece of candle, and said, take this, it belongs to the job, or concern, he could not tell which. About half way down Moor-street, Sheldon came up, and endeavoured to enter into conversation with the other two, and I directed Rodway to take him into custody. A quantity of files slipped out of the bag in my shop, when I first seized them. I received seven pieces of brass from Rodway, which I marked. I delivered them to Bird at the prison.

Josiah Freeth - I lived at the corner of Dartmouth street, Birmingham, at the time. I was in Dale-end on that night. I saw Foxhall there; he had the two prisoners by the collar coming down John-street. I picked up a bag, and carried it to Foxhall's house. Some pieces of brass fell out of it as I was carrying it along. I gave Rodway one of the pieces.

Horatio Nelson Rodway - I lived in Edgbaston-street. I was in Dale-end on that night, and saw the prisoners there. Bolton had a bag on his shoulder. I saw Foxhall lay hold of Bolton and Powell by the collar. Sheldon was in company, I picked up one piece of brass from the ground. I heard them fall. I could not see them. Josiah Freeth picked up the other. I delivered the two pieces to Foxhall. I went with them to Foxhall's house, and from thence to the prison. As we were going, Sheldon came up again, and I helped to take him into custody. He attempted to converse with the two other prisoners. I am quite sure Sheldon was in their company in Dale-end.

John Bird, one of the police, produced the things he received from Foxhall.

Samuel Savage - I am an edge-tool-maker in Birmingham. I left my manufactory safe at seven in the evening of the 9th of December. At one o'clock on the next day, Sunday, I discovered that it had been broken open. I missed some brass, about three dozen of files, a silver pencil-case, and a pocket-knife. These files and the brass are my property. I missed them from my counting-house. The piece of brass is mine; it was cast from this mould; and the pencil-case is my property.

Joseph Hunter produced the crow-bar. I saw some marks on the door of Mr. Savage's manufactory, and the crow-bar exactly fitted those marks.

John Bergum - I am in the employ of Mr. Savage. Sheldon worked in the mill, but not in that part of the manufactory from which the property was missed. Three nights during the week before the robbery, Powell and Bolton called Sheldon out from his work at the manufactory.

Bolton - We picked up the bag in Banbury-street

Sheldon - I never saw Bolton in my life; nor had I seen Powell for a fortnight before. I only aksed them in Moor-street where they were going to take them to, and I was taken into custody.

… Bolton and Powell - Guilty, Transported for Seven Years; Sheldon - Not Guilty.

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