1841 Census - Warwickshire, England

Enumeration District 1, Birmingham All Saints

Great Hampton Street

Name Age Occupation Born
James Sheldon 39 Clock Maker Warwickshire
Pheoby Sheldon 30 Not in County
Marria Sheldon 18 Warwickshire
James Sheldon 15 Warwickshire
John Sheldon 12 Warwickshire
Martha Sheldon 10 Warwickshire
Sarah Sheldon 8 Warwickshire
Mercy Sheldon 6 Warwickshire
Cornelius Sheldon 5 Warwickshire
Peter Sheldon 3 Warwickshire
Pheoby Sheldon 2 Warwickshire
Mary Sheldon 4m Warwickshire


Enumeration District 5, Birmingham All Saints

Hall Street

Name Age Occupation Born
James Pasey 35 Labourer Warwickshire
Elizabeth Pasey 40 Washer Woman Warwickshire
Mary Pasey 10 Warwickshire
James Sheldon 40 Labourer Not in county
Edward Sheldon 15 Labourer Not in county


Enumeration District 6, Birmingham All Saints

Livery Street

Name Age Occupation Born
William Sheldon 39 Gun Engraver Warwickshire
Mary Ann Sheldon 38 Not in county
Mary Sheldon 8 Warwickshire
Elizh Sheldon 6 Warwickshire
Sarah Sheldon 1 Warwickshire


Enumeration District 15, Birmingham All Saints

Talbot Street

Name Age Occupation Born
William Sheldon 46 Shoe Maker Not in county
Ellen Sheldon 45 Not in county
John Sheldon 22 Steam Car Fitter Warwickshire
Hephzebah Sheldon 18 Warwickshire
Ezekiel Sheldon 17 Steam Car Fitter Warwickshire
Ebenezer Sheldon 14 Iron Roller Not in county
William Sheldon 10 Not in county
Hester Sheldon 8 Not in county
Dinah Sheldon 6 Not in county
Jabez Sheldon 4 Not in county


Enumeration District 22, St Mary, Birmingham

Lancaster Street

Name Age Occupation Born
John Sheldon 40 Pencil Case M. Not in county
Rebecca Sheldon 30 Warwickshire
Henry (illegible?) 15 Pencil Case M. Asst Warwickshire
Eliza Ebetz? 15 Warwickshire
Louisa Sheldon 5 Warwickshire
Emily Sheldon 3 Warwickshire
Georgina Sheldon 2 Warwickshire
Alfred Sheldon 9m Warwickshire


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