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Welcome to Sheldon Genealogy! - a repository for Sheldon documentation from around the world.

This will be a large undertaking that will grow with time as we add more and more information. One of the major objectives of this project is to help those that have reached 18th and 19th century brick walls in their direct Sheldon line, unable to connect to the larger known Sheldon families.

Here we will compile as much Sheldon documentation as possible and link the documentation together into research family groups. We will also use DNA testing via the Sheldon Project on ftDNA and the work of Kelly Wheaton and myself, to better understand the DNA research and how these families connect together - even when paper documentation has been lost.

If you would be interested in volunteering some time to this project, all help will be greatly needed! Please contact me by clicking the word "Contact" on the gray bar above.

Please note that this wiki, operated by Dale Sheldon, does support the efforts of the Sheldon Family Association and the Sheldon Genealogical Society but is not directly affiliated with either organization. I, Dale Sheldon, also administer the Sheldon Family Genealogy group on Facebook and highly recommend that all Sheldon's also join the other Sheldon based groups including the "Sheldon (family surname) and the "Sheldon Genealogical Society". The Sheldon Family Association also has a facebook page which I highly recommend for updates on their organization. I also highly recommend reading the articles on the wonderful new website of our English cousin (living in Spain), Ken Sheldon, at https://thesheldonchronicles.net

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